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Visionary Media Group’s mission is to illuminate purpose-driven stories through the power of music, media and technology.

Our Vision

Visionary Media Group is building the future of innovative storytelling through music, media, film, TV and technology. We believe in bold ideas and making dreams a reality—where some see stars in our eyes, we see possibility.

We’re building a unique ecosystem and utilizing advanced technology to amplify creativity and nurture remarkable visions. By redefining immersive entertainment, we’re empowering artists and audiences to engage on a more meaningful level.

Music, Film
& Media

We’re committed to bold storytelling and creativity across artistic mediums, from feature films, documentaries and TV programs to our in-house record label and licensing group. By developing top-tier artists and songwriters to maximize their content across the digital and physical landscape, we’re powering the future of music.

Technology Aggregator

Through strategic investments, commercial partnerships and in-house development, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to expand creative possibilities, deepen engagement with communities and drive storytelling. Our proprietary media engine technologies and platform design deliver unforgettable moments for artists and audiences to treasure. It’s all with the goal of illuminating possibilities and empowering everyone to achieve more together.


Evernova is a social distribution platform, connecting artists and audiences around world-class content. Our bespoke strategies and integrated technology create new possibilities for connection, amplifying artists’ messaging and engagement alongside user-generated content. From digitally enhanced merchandise to fully connected fan communities, we’re redefining what’s possible for digital experiences.


We work to create an inspiring future for our talent and partners.


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