Visionary Media Group (VMG) is a next generation American media & technology company, employing a suite of state-of-the-art technologies to empower creativity, engage fan community, and amplify storytelling. Its mission is to tell innovative American stories, through the power of connected music, media and technology.

Under the direction of Anastasia Brown, Chief Content Strategist, Tracy Percival, Chief Operations Officer, and Founding Managing Partners Ron Zamber, M.D. and Nick Sciorra, VMG has engaged a world class team with over 100 years of expertise in high-level entertainment and digital media initiatives, including in-label operations, music supervision, music publishing, sync licensing, strategic business design, streaming and distributive content platform development, business & legal affairs, and media-technology asset financial modeling.  VMG’s label and media group, One Vision Media Group is based in Nashville, TN., and enjoys a strong collective artist development vision and ethos.  At its fore is the protection, enhancement and value growth of artist and artist driven projects across a broad physi-digital landscape, via application of best in class team know-how, and proprietary enhanced media engine technologies and streaming platform design.