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A first-of-its-kind destination forging direct connection between artists, brands, & fans. An immersive, media-driven landscape that reclaims ownership, authorship, & distribution of media to engage your community, empower your artistry, and amplify your storytelling to its full potential - all within one platform.
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Building Communities Around World-Class Content
A dynamic, digital platform that tells your story the way you want it told - merging content, merch & media into a singular narrative; a curated & living monument to your artistry + brand.
Create artist and brand pages to showcase the incredible stories you’ve created on Evernova.
Tell Stories
Merge rich media types, social content, along with beautifully crafted narratives to tell stories like never before.
Learn about new artists and brands joining Evernova and hear their stories like never before.
Our Holistic Approach
Monetization Multiplier
Create lift across various monetizable media types to maximize brand revenue and link stories to monetizable calls-to-action: merch, tickets, social media and more.
Increased Exposure
Small batch of invites means less noise and more exposure for on-platform brands to tell their stories.
Enhanced Storytelling
Tell your story by uploading rich media content or injecting off-platform user generated content (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Press Links) that drives a virtuous cycle via your most engaged fans.
Your Favorite Artists and Brands are on Evernova
Join an elite group of like-minded artists and brands to tell stories, engage fans, and monetize in new ways.
Leigh Nash
Clayton Anderson
O.N.E. the Duo
Cody Belew
Leigh Nash
Clayton Anderson
O.N.E. the Duo
Cody Belew

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