Frank Stallone has seen it all. Frank Stallone has done it all. But, who is Frank Stallone? You know the name, now discover the Grammy and Golden Globe nominated singer, songwriter, musician and actor who has been entertaining audiences for over fifty years, all the while living in a giant shadow.

Often regarded as “Rocky’s brother” and long living in Sylvester Stallone’s giant shadow, Frank Stallone has spent more than 50 years carving out a career as a multi-faceted entertainer. “STALLONE: Frank, That Is” takes us behind the scenes, from Frank’s days growing up in Northeast Philadelphia and singing on street corners; from getting his first break writing and performing an original song in “Rocky”. Navigating around his brother’s skyrocketing success, Frank charted his own path, becoming a world-renowned singer, songwriter, musician and actor, garnering nominations for both Grammy and Golden Globe awards. Featuring never-before-seen interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more, “STALLONE: Frank, That Is’ is a fun look at the little-known story of the true underdog behind Philly’s favorite underdog

Producer: Derek Wayne Johnson, Chris May, Emmett James
Executive Producer: David Polemeni, Frank Stallone, Charlotte Fantelli, Simon Dolan, Ronald W. Zamber

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Stallone: Frank, That Is has been the recipient of many Best Documentary Feature Awards

2019 Accolade Competition- Winner, Award of Excellence Special Mention

2019 Burbank International Film Festival- Winner, Best Documentary

2019 Santa Monica Film Festival- Winner, Honorable Mention

2020 Garden State Film Festival- Winner, “Manny” Berlingo Award

2020 Beverly Hills Film Festival- Winner, Best Feature Documentary

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